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Gary was responsible for developing the e-discovery remit, of the Professional Standards Hi-Tech Crime Unit. (Including the evidencing of Open Source and Social Networking data) and for 7 years was the sole “Network Investigator” for all Anti-Corruption and Internal Investigations concerning the forces corporate IT network. He also sat on management boards as the Professional Standards representative on technical and information security matters.

No other police officer has had this background experience or remit within the United Kingdom.

During his service he provided expert witness testimony in Crown Court, employment tribunals, discipline hearings and in defending the Metropolitan Police Service against civil litigation. He performed work for other Home Office Police Forces and worked abroad on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service in the field of Hi-Tech Crime. He had a major role in the investigation of some of the most sensitive and high profile Scotland Yard investigations in recent years.

As an e-Discovery contractor at the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) he established the e-discovery capability for the first criminal cartel investigations conducted by the regulator. He also trained its investigative staff in the use of the Nuix e-Discovery computer forensic software.

As “Interim Head”, he successfully established the Digital Forensic and Internet Investigation Laboratories for UK Regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) after the merger of the OFT with the UK Competition Commission.

He has provided independent consultancy services to the government, the charity and financial services, to maritime, space and accountancy sectors and to organisations dealing with security and de-radicalisation.

He is a founding member of the SouthEast Cyber Security Cluster, the CSSC (Southern Region) and a member of the Council of International Investigators.

Gary founded ESID Consulting after working for over 17 years as an investigator and Detective for New Scotland Yards Metropolitan Police Service.