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Chris Court

Integration Consultant

Chris has a long history working in the IT industry and has worked with large and complex systems for several global organisations.

Chris ensures that a company’s online presence is leveraged to its full potential. He takes a “whole business” approach to ensure that an organisation is using all available communication channels, including web, social media, email marketing, online advertising, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, video and others, together to support an organisations sales, marketing strategies and processes.

Online marketing strategy involves using platforms and technologies that collect and manipulate a target audience’s information. This brings great opportunity, but also great responsibility especially in light of increased concerns surrounding privacy and the unwarranted use of large scale monitoring and collection of an individual’s data. Chris’s remit is to ensure that businesses can leverage the information they collect, whilst complying with privacy laws such GDPR.

Expertise across multitude of technologies to advise best practices and action.