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Insider Threat Management

The management of employee risk is one of the most important measures that organisations can take to protect their business. Most data breaches are caused by people working within or for organisations in one way or another, and they all have access to company or customer data. The only way to mitigate against the threat posed is to manage that risk.

We create an Insider Threat Management Programme, that works to identify, monitor and prevent malicious, negligent or accidental user behaviour within an organisation.

Our Insider Threat Management Programme provides complete oversight of your business, and your staff. It supports the HR process, staff wellbeing and security throughout the entire employment lifecycle. We employ behavioural analytics to identify suspicious and unusual workplace behaviour from a “baseline” of normal user activity. Any unusual user activity is then flagged and can be looked at in context with all other information available. Providing you the employer with the opportunity for a risk based and proportionate response.

These abnormal behaviour patterns will serve to alert you that employee or possibly organisational intervention may be needed to protect your bottom line, sensitive IP or information. From a gentle warning or the provision of employee support, through to formal disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

It allows you to concentrate on your core business whilst we help you to manage your “data loss prevention” and “insider threat” management programme.