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Information & Cyber Security

Cyber security is a board level responsibility and the only way of satisfying and defending against the liabilities faced by Directors and Trustees, is to have a recognised “system” in place to manage that cyber threat.

An Information Security Management System (ISMS), compliant with ISO27001 (the international standard), takes a business risk approach to the management of your information assets. It controls not only how your IT assets are managed but also your people, including 3rd party service providers, through fully documented business wide risk assessment, policies and procedures. It doesn’t replace any other management system you might already have in place but it will work in conjunction with it.

We will design and implement an ISMS, tailored to your business to ensure that you take a holistic whole business approach to protecting your information

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The biggest strength in your organisation is your people. It is also your biggest weakness.

You can secure your networks and systems with technical measures. You can create policies and procedures for your employees to follow, but, if you don’t tell your employees and contractors what is required of them to protect your information, you are not protecting yourselves from one of the biggest risks, the human factor!

We provide Cyber and Information Security awareness training to staff of all levels in an organisation to give them the information they need to protect themselves and their families on line.