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HNW / At Risk Person

In conjunction with our partners and other trusted associates. Our protective monitoring solutions will protect the company and its staff, in both physical and cyber environments.

We work with family offices and persons of high net worth (HNW) and those otherwise “at risk” to secure both their physical and their cyber security in and out of their physical workplace. The protection counters all external threats, whether it be electronic or physical.

Cyber and information security starts with making sure that the IT system in use is reliable, secure and robust. We have reviewed, installed and rebuilt complete IT systems for our clients, providing them with fit for purpose, secure networks and devices and doing so with complete trust and confidence of both client and staff. This IT support continues beyond the design and build stage and extends in to UK based IT support from my long established and trusted IT partners.

Our protective monitoring services also extend online and to social media, where company information may leak and posts made by your staff (in or out of work) could become damaging to your reputation or lose you valuable business.

We have worked with some of the biggest and well known organisations and HNW individuals in the UK and internationally.