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Digital Investigations

e-Discovery refers to discovery in legal proceedings e.g. litigation, investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests, where information is sought from within digital or digitised data. Rules of civil procedure and agreed-upon processes apply, and often involving filtering and culling of data, followed by a review for “privilege” and “relevance” before data is passed to another party.

We use industry leading software. “Nuix” and “Intella”, to enable the identification of evidence from computers, mobile phones and tablets to prove or disprove your case.


Computer Forensics

As the name suggests this is the identification, collection, preservation and analysis, in a forensically sound manner, of digital data, with the aim of presenting fact and opinions about what happened to that digital information in order to prove or disprove an allegation of wrongdoing or establishing the facts of an incident, such as a cyber-attack.

In the UK, our practices and reporting complies with expert witness criteria CPR (Part 35),  CrPR (Part 33) and ACPO guidelines. Our forensic specialists are experienced in presenting expert witness testimony in court and are happy to act as single or joint experts (SJE), as appropriate.

Our corporate clients benefit from our business-orientated approach to investigations and our ability to deploy immediately to ensure a rapid response to time-sensitive issues. We can coordinate with your existing legal team or deal with your nominated board-level representative directly.

We regularly undertake corporate investigations into intellectual property, financial affairs, employment and governance.

We assist law enforcement agencies to increase their capacity for handling digital evidence. Many of our tools and processes mirror those used by police forces and intelligence services around the world and our specialists have been security cleared and vetted.

We are experienced in working with law enforcement agencies, security services and official regulators in the UK and overseas.