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Cyber Security v Competitive Intelligence in Manufacturing

“The manufacturing sector is the third most targeted sector for cyber-attacks; yet it is one of the least prepared and protected sectors of the economy”. These are the findings of a report published by the Manufacturers organisation, the EEF, in partnership with insurance firm AIG and RUSI, the Royal United Services


How real is the threat and how can you redcue the risk? Cyber security is a hot topic for us all, whether we’re in the business world, the IT world or the employment world. Everywhere you look, data and forecasts demonstrate the scale of the problem and news of major corporations

The Insider Threat

Ther is much talk in the cyber security world about what is termed the insider threat. To those not in the know however the term can be misleading and coveys different things to different people…….. PDF on  The Insider Threat by ESID

How to protect yourself when travelling!

A client has recently asked me for advice on how to protect themselves when travelling abroad on company business. So I have decided to republish this article as a reminder to all of our clients. There are two common themes that come up. Both separate concerns in their own right, but

Confused by Risk Assessments ?

Twice in the last month ESID Consulting has been requested to provide support and advice concerning information security risk assessments performed by other vendors. My being called to assist was due to the fact that the customer didn’t understand the final report they were given (and paid for) and for

Cyber Security in the Shipping and Maritime Industry

Automation, digitisation, system integration, internet of things…….the list goes on. Technology and our use of it, is advancing at a staggering rate. The speed at which this advance is taking place and our reliance on the technology to get business done, has meant that vulnerabilities in the systems have either