Strategic Planning

Audit / Understand / Construct


Execute / Check


Constant Awareness

Inform / Discuss / Update

Continued Support

Continuity / Regulation

We are here to assist you

ESID is ready and able to assist in the path to regulatory acceptance

Our Process

Conduct an audit / gap analysis. Risk based and mapped against industry recognised standards and best practice. Produce our findings and draw up a comprehensive development timetable.

Begin implementation process, according to the agreed project plan. Review, adapt and record as necessary.

Carry out the necessary checks to ensure agreed implementation. Capture and report findings and non-compliance.

Continuous monitoring, due diligence and system updates as and when required.

Insider Threat Management

We design, implement and support ethical Insider Threat mitigation and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programmes

Digital Investigations

In conjunction with my trusted partners we advise and support clients with their own internal workplace investigations.



The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) replace the UK Data Protection Act (DPA) in May 2018 and will become law across the EEC.


Employees are your biggest asset but they are also your biggest risk. The only way to defend against threats is through education and awareness training.


Cyber Resilience

We work closely with my clients to ensure that they have  an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is up to date and fit for purpose.


IT Support

Our trusted partners have reviewed, installed and rebuilt complete IT systems with the complete trust and confidence of both client and staff.


Our Consulants

Sean Colson
Sean Colson

Integration Consultant

Liza Walter-Nelson
Liza Walter-Nelson

Organisational Development Consultant

Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore

Digital Forensics Consultant

Ian Hudson
Ian Hudson

Systems Engineering Consultant

Chris Court
Chris Court

Integration Consultant

Jonathan Thornton
Jonathan Thornton

Technical IT Consultant